One who organizes a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit.
William (Bill) Boyer  "The Adman" 
Bill began working on the Internet in 1996. He launched The Orlando Mall Adman Promotional Company's 1st of 12 websites. Today they get 150,000 visits/mo. He has paid the price and the sacrifice and knows what it takes to get it right as an Entrepreneur and leader. He is married to Ms. Doris, who supports his every move. They lived the marriage vow of  making it "through good times and bad." A compliment for their courage, perseverance and faith they have shown in each other and life and in his last "20" years work on the Internet.  
Amazing New Putting Aid!
Patent Pending! How come the shortest swing in golf is the hardest to master.  Until now there has never been a system where you can learn the proper stroke without having it "forced" on you. Practice does one little good if they are practicing the wrong idea. It has been said that only perfect practice makes perfect.  Now you can practice perfect and know when you are not.  This aid can be used either indoors or out, wood or tile floors it does not matter
The Outback Steakhouse Pro Am Golf Tourney 4/15/2011-  Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am.  Derrick Brooks listens to his caddy (who is wearing the STR8 Putt cap!) for advice on putting on the first hole during the opening round of the Outback Steakhouse Pro-AM on Friday.
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Bill is a friend, a Democratic, that's Ok, and is an Entrepreneur who loves the Internet!
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Founder & President
Lance Woodworth

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Tina & Britany
"Door Knock"
 June 14, 2017

To anyone who wants to know if they should 
become an Entrepreneur or thinks a job is better! 

    Are you in a financial panic or do you feel desperate about finances right now? Are you in need of a job? Have you ever wanted to start a business but don't know if you can? If you answer is "yes" then maybe you are being forced to change the way you are thinking about and doing things in life! 
    In the world we call "work" the guarantees are gone, out the door. The only financial solution is to: make more money. How you ask? Your own way is the answer. So, what does this mean? Well. one of the greatest ways ever created in America to do this and be in control of your life is to start your own business.     The opportunity could never be better to do this than today! Yes, even with wildfires in California, Iran trying to spread evil, the USA on the brink of settling the North Korean nuclearization, building the USA southern border wall and millions of dollars of U.S. government debt, the 2018 midterm elections around the corner, reversing of the medical insurance plan that was creating massive pain and agony not treatable by pills or a doctor, America's morality as a "Christian" believing righteous nation being restored, and the main stream drive-by media still trying to gain complete control over what we know, hear, see and think,  it could not be a better time to start a business. You can have faith that the American Dream is "alive and well" and can come true for you, regardless of your current condition.
    It is important that you understand that being an employee is not your only option. No, its not! You can consider becoming an Entrepreneur and what a great way to make more money, part time or full time, and it could even become the replacement income and alternative to your current job. All you need to do is be willing to look at things differently, like how you spend your time, how you spend your money, and how you work while keeping a positive mind and a righteous perspective, knowing and believing you can do anything you can conceive and believe!
    If you decide to start a business it will mean you have to stop depending on your employer to give you what you need for you and your family out of life. Instead, you will have to overcome your fears and do so by understanding that  research shows that 90% of the things we "fear" never happen or come true and the other 10% are never as severe as we imagine they will be! Wow! 
     So, if you lack confidence about becoming an Entrepreneur and are unsure about whether you should start a business, The BOSS™ can help you. How? By addressing your concerns and giving you the information and knowledge on what to do, the steps you need take to do it, and the confidence so that you can make the decision to go for it, if you are committed! 
      The first place to start is to understand and know more about you before starting. You can do this by clicking on the Entrepreneurial Business Needs Analysis™ (EBNA) link below and print out the self-evaluation tool that will help you evaluate you concerns and then you can make the decision to become an Entrepreneur, or not. It will ask you to examine things that would impact you if you made the change from employee to "the boss" of your own business. 
    Some sample questions you will be asked to answer are: 
           Where are you now in life?,
           What do you think about starting a business of your own? and
           What does your family think about you starting a business?
  Understanding these answers and many more revealed by using this self-understanding tool will make it so much easier to know who you are before starting out. Plus, you will can choose to get feedback from those closest to you that you trust by following the directions carefully. It also lets you know who will support you in starting the business. Last, it gives you knowledge and confidence because you have evaluated critical aspects about yourself so that you can StartFund and Run a successful business of your own! 

GO ahead and click below to register and print out your copy of the
 Entrepreneurial Business Needs Analysis
Click to EBNA!
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