These are the up and coming next generation of “hot wires” of Small Business in America and worldwide. They are not going to wait on education because they are ahead in their class. In some cases the educators may tag them as "ADD" or whatever the acronym is for hyperactive. In reality they are simply itchy to get going and they want to do, to act, to make it happen, to let it rip, to be Xtreme, That is what they are about. Everything their age (18-27) whether man or women is into is fast, electronic, hip, cool, belly buttoned, communicative, tattooed, fleshy, earringed and more. But in reality they are no different than the "Boomers" or the Korean or WWII generations when they were young - they just have different platforms.  "Cool" Entrepreneurs have a whole new world of platforms to deliver their message of "who", "what" and "why" they are about. Platforms only imagined twenty years ago like portable CD/DVD players, iPods, Blackberry, Talk Radio, Reality TV, and on the Internet at YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc... But, regardless of their style they will make it happen as Entrepreneurs – just watch!

The first thing you need to eliminate is any remorse, hesitation, or negative thoughts that you have regarding where you are with your life now! It is what it is! Get rid of the arrogant thought that you have done this or done that and nothing is new to you so life is a bore. Don't blame your spouse, your job, the fact that you were fired and who fired you, or the fact that you are in a rut, on anyone except you! If you do it will only cause you to feel guilty and will not help you get started down the exciting road to starting, funding and running your own business. After all, you were the one who decided to stay and work for the same company day-in and day-out for all those years. While you could have been preparing an escape plan from working for someone else all along in case you got fired, But, here you are either frustrated, fired or thinking of quitting your job but with no plan in hand. You are the one who has been caught in a "rut" which is nothing more than a grave with the ends kicked out because you could not force yourself to face the inevitable. Therefore, now its time to live and be the "entrepreneur" you always wanted to be, and use your talents and abilities to build a business of your own. Its now time to be YOUR OWN BOSS, for you to make the decision when you will and when you won't have to work, to give yourself a raise anytime you want, to take a day off when you want, and have fun doing it all along!

Have you come to a place in life where you are asking these question:
"Why am I working at the job I have?"
"How much longer will I be able to work before my job or company vanish?"
"Why have I procrastinated about starting my own business?" 
"How could I let time slip away and now it is of the essence for me?"
"Why am I watching Cable/Dish TV and wasting my life away?"
"Can it be that our government is taking my retirement from me?"
"What has happened to our country's economy and free enterprise?

If you are asking yourself these question, you are not alone. Millions of Americans in your same age bracket think similar thoughts if not the same things daily. So, now that you know "you are normal" its time to get focused on that Small Business idea you have had or been thinking of for years. You may never be able to start a business again if you don't get going now! And, you are now probably ready to make the best of it from here on out - the rest of your life. But don't worry about your age and certainly don't hold back because of it. Instead, leverage it along with your experience and your wisdom into a "competitive advantage" in starting, funding and running your own business now.

 One who organizes a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit.
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William "Bill" Boyer - "The Adman"  Visit his websites:   
Bill began working on the Internet in 1996. He launched The Orlando Mall Adman Promotional Company's 1st of 12 websites. Today they get 150,000 visits/mo. He has paid the price and the sacrifice and knows what it takes to get it right as an Entrepreneur and leader. He is married to Ms. Doris, who supports his every move. They lived the marriage vow of  making it "through good times and bad." A compliment for their courage, perseverance and faith they have shown in each other and life and in his last "20" years work on the Internet.  
Amazing New Putting Aid!
Patent Pending! How come the shortest swing in golf is the hardest to master.  Until now there has never been a system where you can learn the proper stroke without having it "forced" on you. Practice does one little good if they are practicing the wrong idea. It has been said that only perfect practice makes perfect.  Now you can practice perfect and know when you are not.  This aid can be used either indoors or out, wood or tile floors it does not matter
The Outback Steakhouse Pro Am Golf Tourney 4/15/2011-  Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am.  Derrick Brooks listens to his caddy (who is wearing the STR8 Putt cap!) for advice on putting on the first hole during the opening round of the Outback Steakhouse Pro-AM on Friday.
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