William (Bill) Boyer  "The Adman" 
Bill began working on the Internet in 1996. He launched The Orlando Mall Adman Promotional Company's 1st of 12 websites. Today they get 150,000 visits/mo. He has paid the price and the sacrifice and knows what it takes to get it right as an Entrepreneur and leader. He is married to Ms. Doris, who supports his every move. They lived the marriage vow of  making it "through good times and bad." A compliment for their courage, perseverance and faith they have shown in each other and life and in his last "20" years work on the Internet.  
Amazing New Putting Aid!
Patent Pending! How come the shortest swing in golf is the hardest to master.  Until now there has never been a system where you can learn the proper stroke without having it "forced" on you. Practice does one little good if they are practicing the wrong idea. It has been said that only perfect practice makes perfect.  Now you can practice perfect and know when you are not.  This aid can be used either indoors or out, wood or tile floors it does not matter
The Outback Steakhouse Pro Am Golf Tourney 4/15/2011-  Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am.  Derrick Brooks listens to his caddy (who is wearing the STR8 Putt cap!) for advice on putting on the first hole during the opening round of the Outback Steakhouse Pro-AM on Friday.
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Bill is a friend, a Democratic, that's Ok, and an Entrepreneur who loves the Internet!
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Tina & Britany
"Door Knock"
 June 14, 2017
The ProFighterSports System is "The First Of It's Kind" Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA Training System That Has Finally Been Engineered For The Needs Of Today's Professional Fighters. The Patented ProFighterSports System is Manufactured in the USA. Serious Athletes Need Serious Equipment: Train all out with equipment that can take you to the next level. ProFighterSports System will help you train to your maximum potential. Be strong be fast get the system that will bring out the Pro Fighter in you.

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U.S. completes successfully the 1st Commercial Launch of Astronauts into
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Station, using the Space-X Dragon launch vehicle
along with the amazing NASA teams, worldwide!