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The BOSS™  does "NOT" provide Legal, Accounting, or Tax advice. You must get that from a qualified Lawyer or CPA.

Option 1:  $77.00 / 1-Hour
Business Consultation 
Time*: Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Purpose: Is your heart aching because God gave you talents you can't use at your job? Are you unsure how to use your talents without giving up your job? Do you want to be happier, free of stress, depression, resentment, anxiety and worry without taking a single pill? If so, then why not expose, examine and utilize your talents and put them to great use. This is about "you" and the talents GOD has blessed you with. For a consulting fee I will meet you for a coke or coffee and help you determine what to do. Just call my cell phone: 407-353-1518 to arrange the time and place. Note: All Face-to-Face meetings are in public locations, i.e. restaurant, your office, hotel lobby, library or even a coffee shop. You pick the location!

Option 2: $177.00 / 3-Hours
Business Consultation & Evaluation
Time*: Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
Purpose: This Consultation is targeted at "one" specific area of concern you have regarding your business operations, financing, marketing, etc.. Follow up consultation may be necessary and will require added investment. However, this can only be determined from discussion and evaluation of the situation your are concerned about. From this The BOSS™ will make a recommendation based on the information and level of desire you have to meet your business objective. It will be up to "you" to decide to pursue what is recommended!

Option 3: $348.00 / 7-Hours
Business Consultation + Evaluation + Steps to Take
Time*: Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
Purpose: This Consultation targets multiple areas of your business that you need help with through the discussion of all areas of concern. Once a thorough understanding of the problem and/or situation is determined the final part of the session focuses on the action steps that need to be taken to overcome and/or deal with areas addressed. Follow-up consultation may be needed from this session and you will make a decision how you want to proceed.

Option 4: $950.00 / Three Days 7-Hours / Day
Business Consultation In-depth
Time*: Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
Purpose: This Consultation is targeted at multiple areas of concern and involves developing the action plan needed to correct the problems or issues. Implementation steps are then developed over the three days between the Consultant and the Owner-Management team. Next is self-follow-up to see that the steps were implemented and validation to see that the steps taken corrected the targeted problems and issues. If there is a need for on-going consultation it will be discussed at the conclusion of this engagement.

(*) To Be determined


The BOSS™ business consulting services for you, the Entrepreneur. The foundation for this service is taken from real world experience. The BOSS™ portfolio consists of many business experiences you have not had and there is no reason for you to go through them yourself. This online service and support from our consultants is available 24/7 unless its a holiday. So, you are able to download anyone of The BOSS™ Business Modules (MODS) that cover all aspects of any business giving your instant answers. The MODS can be purchased online and downloaded. They are interactive and provide key business answers you need to start, fund and run any small business. You can also: 1) order a hard copy of the MODS by contacting us, 2) schedule a private one-on-one telephone consulting session with The BOSS™, 3) attend a seminar at The BOSS™ Center or 4) attend one of The BOSS™ Entrepreneur events during the year. Plus, go online anytime and submit your question about your business and get an answer back within twenty four hours unless its a holiday. Last, if you decide to subscribe to The BOSS™ Mentoring program or become The BOSS™ Member you will save money, have a cadre of entrepreneurs to hang with and get the support you need to insure your success as an Entrepreneur!  

Some of The BOSS™ benefits are:
You will  learn the steps needed to start and grow your own business.
You will learn how to increase revenue and profits of your existing business.
You will learn how to improve the product you sell or the service you offer.
You will learn new innovative and creative financing ideas and strategies.
You will learn business techniques that take years to learn on the job.
You will learn to set "business goals" that will grow your business.
You will learn how to set priorities based on your business goals.
You will learn why you should computerize your business from the get-go.
You will learn how the Internet and computers increases a businesses value.
You will learn the process and steps to raise $10,000 - $50,000 or more.
You will learn why every contact is a potential customer, regardless. 
You will get the Entrepreneurial Business Needs Analysis.
You will learn how to write a business plan with the intent to raise money.
You will learn marketing techniques to increase profits in 60-days or less.
You will learn how to enhance and maximize your competitive advantages.
You will learn how to maximize employee performance to increase revenue.
You will learn to work efficiently to save on expenses and increase cash.
You will learn how to take control of your long term financial security. 
You will learn how to maximize investment from your investors.

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