"Start-up Success Formula"
Know How + Planning + Money + Committed People = Success!
Know How comes from formal and informal education and work experience. It provides the Entrepreneur with the confidence they need to start a business. Planning is what most people fail to do, but Entrepreneurs must do it. Why? Because anyone failing to plan is planning to fail. Money is the most frightening element because of the fear that it may run out early and the Entrepreneur is not sure if they can raise more. Committed People includes the Entrepreneur and anyone, i.e. family, friends, associates, drawn to the business because they believe that no matter what the business will succeed. The BOSS™ can help you identify what you may have overlooked in getting your business off to a roaring start and on the path to being profitable. The BOSS™ will reveal why, even in difficult times, the money for someone to invest in your business is not dried up, even though you may think it has. Of course there is “No Guarantee" that you will succeed in business or at raising money, but understanding the steps and what to do will increase your confidence and potential for success, dramatically.
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"Cool" Entrepreneur (Ages 18-28)
These are the up and coming next generation of “hot wires” of Small Business in America, and worldwide. They are not going to wait on education because they are ahead in their class. In some cases the educators may tag them as "ADD" or whatever the acronym is for hyperactive. In reality, they are simply itchy to get going, and they want to do, to act, to make it happen, to let it rip, to be extreme. That's what they are about. Everyone their age, whether guy or gal, are into is fast, electronic, hip, cool, belly buttoned, communicative, tattooed, fleshy, nose earrings, and more. However, in reality, they are no different than the Baby Boomers of the Korean and Vietnam War generations, when they were young. They just have different "platforms" to use for business.  Cool Entrepreneurs have a new world of platforms to deliver their message on of who, what and why. Platforms only imagined twenty years ago like Kindle, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, smart phones, like iPhones and Androids, Talk Radio, Reality TV, the Internet, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Regardless of their style they will "make it happen" as Entrepreneurs - just watch!

"Been There" Entrepreneur (Ages 28-55)
You need to eliminate any remorse, hesitation, or negative thoughts you have regarding where you are with your life right now. It is, what it is. Get rid of the arrogant thought that you have done this or that, and nothing is new to you, so life is a bore. Don't blame your spouse, your job, the fact that you were fired, who fired you, or that you are in a rut, on anyone except, you! It will only cause you to feel guilty and will not help you get started down the exciting road to StartFund and Run your own business. After all, you were the one who decided to stay and work for the same company day-in and day-out for all those years. Even when you could have been preparing an escape plan from working in case you got fired or decided to quit. But, here you are, either frustrated, fired or thinking of quitting your job, yet you still have no plan. So, are you caught in a rut, which is nothing more than a grave with the ends kicked out? Was it because you could not force yourself to face the inevitable? Therefore, now may be the best time in your life to become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be and use your experience, talents and abilities to build a business of your own, and be your own boss. It will also give you control of when you will and when you won't work, how much of a raise you can get, when to take a day off if you want, or to have fun when you go Start, Fund and Run your own business. 

"Boomer" Entrepreneur (Ages 55-75)
Have you come to a place in life where you are asking these question:
  • Why am I working at the job I have?
  • How much longer will I be able to work or have to work?
  • Why have I procrastinated about starting my own business? 
  • How could I let time slip away without trying to start a business?
  • Have I wasted my life away, watching TV when I could have started a business?
  • What will I do if we have an economic crisis and I lose part of my income, at my age?

If you have asked yourself these questions you are not alone. Millions of Americans in your age bracket think similar thoughts. So, now that you know "your normal" isn't it a good time to get focused on that business idea you have been thinking of for years? You may never have a time like this and be able to start a business if you don't get going now! So, don't worry about your age and certainly don't hold back because of it, or because you are not sure how to finance it. Instead, leverage your idea with your experience and your wisdom into a new business "competitive advantage" and use it to start your business, now!

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