"Start-up Success Formula"
Know How + Planning + Money + Committed People = Success!
Know How comes from formal and informal education and work experience. It provides the Entrepreneur with the confidence they need to start a business. Planning is what most people fail to do but Entrepreneurs must do. Why? Because anyone failing to plan is planning to failMoney is the most frightening element because of the fear that it may run out early and the Entrepreneur is not sure if they can raise more. Committed People includes the Entrepreneur and anyone, i.e. family, friends, associates, drawn to the business because they believe that no matter what the business will succeed. The BOSS™ can help you identify things that may have been overlooked in getting your business off to a roaring start and on the path to proftability. The BOSS™ will reveal why even in difficult times the money for someone to invest in your business is not dried up even though you may think it has. Of course there is “No Guarantee" that you will succeed in business or at raising money but understanding the steps and what to do will increase your confidence and potential for success dramatically.
                                                                                                Lance Woodworth The BOSS™
To "anyone" who wants to be an Entrepreneur
 (or needs a Job)! 
    Are you in a financial panic and do you feel desperate? Are you in need of a Job? Have you wanted to start a business but don't know if you should? If you answer is "Yes" to these questions then maybe you are being forced to change the way you are doing things in life! 
    In the world we call work the guarantees are gone, out the door. The only financial solution is to: make more money. How? Your own way. What does this mean? One of the greatest ways ever created in America to do this and be in control is to start your own business. The opportunity could never be better to do this than today! Yes, even with wildfires in California, radical Islam everywhere, trillions of dollars of U.S. government debt, the 2016 Presidential campaign underway, Obama Care creating massive pain and agony not treatable by pills or a doctor, America's morality as a "Christian"believing righteous nation wavering, and the main stream drive-by media trying to gain complete control over what we know, hear, see and think. It could not be a better time to start a business than "today" the first day of the rest of your life. So, you can still believe that the "American Dream is Alive and Well" and can come true for you regardless of current conditions in America and worldwide.
    Now that you understand that being an employee is not your only option. No, its not! So, consider becoming an Entrepreneur. What a great way to make more money part time or full time and it could even become an alternative to your current job. If you are willing to look at things differently in how you spend your time, how you spend your money, and how you work while keeping a positive mind and a righteous perspective, you can do anything you can conceive and believe.
    If you decide to start a business it does mean you have to stop depending on your employer to get what you need for your and your family out of life. Instead, you will have to overcome many fears but research shows that 90% of the things we "fear" never happen or come true and the other 10% are never as severe as we imagine they will be. 
    If you lack confidence about becoming an Entrepreneur and are unsure about whatever you should start a business The BOSS™ can help you. How? By addressing your concerns and giving you the information and knowledge on what to do and the steps you need take so that you can make the decision to go for it, if you are committed! 
      The first place to start is to know more about "you" before starting. By clicking the Entrepreneurial Business Needs Analysis™ (EBNA) link below you can do a self-evaluation that will help you evaluate "you" and then you can make the decision to become an Entrepreneur, or not. It asks you to examine things that would impact you if you made the change from employee to "the boss" of your own business. 
    Some sample questions you will be asked to answer are: 
           Where are you now in life?,
           What do you think about starting a business of your own? and
           What does your family think about you starting a business?
  Understanding these answers will make it so much easier to know who you are before starting out. Plus you will also get feedback from those closest to you that you trust if you follow the directions carefully. this helps you validate your thinking. It also lets you know who would support you in starting a business. Last, it gives you the confidence you need because you know you have evaluated critical aspects "about you" for startingfunding and running a small business. So, go ahead and click below to register and print the EBNA.
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  Hello, I am Lance Woodworth Entrepreneur, Founder and Creator of:

Business Ownership Success Services™, Inc.

    The BOSS™ is a culmination of my formal education, experience as a counseling psychologist, director of an international MBA program, thirty five years of consulting with small businesses and their founders, starting and running a number of small businesses, raising millions for my businesses and other entrepreneurs, and conducting business training seminars for hundreds of small business employees, managers and owners.
    I believe God has directed my path to this point in my life by helping me assimilate my real world credentials, knowledge, and experience together with my faith in God and love of Jesus Christ. All this so I can empathize with your desire for success to help you become the "boss" of your own business.
    Research and history reveal that being "the boss" of your own business puts you in control of your destiny and free from any restraints the "world of work" has on you. It also verifies that for you to become "the boss" you will need to make a firm commitment, have faith and belief in yourself and combine this with an idea that will fill a need.
   If you are a first time visitor to The BOSS™ and want to open your own business there is plenty of information here that will motivate, inspire and help you. If becoming a Entrepreneur is what you want, then The BOSS™ is here to help. If you have already decided to go for it you have options you can select at this site. 
   The BOSS™ offers business consulting for anyone who wants to start, fund and run a business. And, to existing business owners to help them increase profitability. \
   If you have never had a business or had one and want to start another one, there are business modules and seminars on how to start, fund and run any business successfully.
    The BOSS™ can provide the answers and solutions to get your business going and keep it growing!
   To get the help you need click below and start your exciting journey to open your own small business and create jobs.
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I'm Lance Woodworth Entrepreneur, Founder and Creator of The BOSS™So, for my 
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