Free Enterprise
"The freedom of private businesses to
operate competitively for profit with
minimal government regulation." 
Start a business, and
become an Entrepreneur!

The BOSS™ is committed to the promotion and strengthening of Free Enterprise, as a key foundation of America, through the realization of the "Dreams" of Entrepreneurs. So, if you want to be a Entrepreneur you will need to quit holding back on using your full potential and the talents and abilities you know in your heart, God gave you. Remember, just turn the key on and set the throttle on fast-forward with the power and belief that: You can do it, and make your dream come true!

American history has proven that the "freedom" to pursue any business is the greatest idea ever developed for an individual or a nation for economic growth and stability. Because of our success America is and will remain the number one leader of the "Free" world because the Entrepreneur wants and believes in rewards for their personal effort, creativity, maturation, and productivity, combined with their faith in God, that makes it work!

Free Enterprise enables you to take your life and create any level of success you want by becoming an Entrepreneur. It does not require you to get in line and wait for someone else to show or tell you what you can do! So, as long as we have the Free Enterprise system we need to use it, to its fullest extent. 
The Pledge of Allegiance
"I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States Of America and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All."
"Free Enterprise"
works great, if you work it!

Free Enterprise is absolutely the greatest creation in American history by anyone. In a BNET online article years ago titled "Values of people like Chick-fil-A founder could help rebuild America", Deseret News (Salt Lake City),  November 17, 2008 by Star Parker, Scripps Howard News Service, quoted the late William E. Simon's, former 63rd Treasury Secretary of the United States, following comment: 

"The Free Enterprise system has blessed the United States of America with the greatest prosperity, the highest standards of living and, most important, the greatest individual freedom known to man. If we can preserve this system and our freedom, we can look forward to turning over to our children, and our children's children, an America that is more productive, prosperous and stronger economically, financially, morally and spiritually, than the one we inherited."

How could anyone in their right mind want to tear down the backbone of America. I have lived in two other countries, Indonesia and Ethiopia, that both had limited Free Enterprise. In both countries the citizens suffered and were light years behind the U.S. in things like food production, distribution, communication, social-economic development, health care and financial and economic stability. They still are even today at the end of 2018.

May GoBless America!   

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"In GOD We Trust"

Founder & President
Lance Woodworth

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"We honor and thank our Veteran's and their families for their sacrifice,
and the Wounded Warriors!"

Because of the brave men and women, who over the years have fought and died, or suffered physical and mental wounds, we are privileged to still have the Free Enterprise system, working well! And, if it was not for our brave men and women of the United States military we would never have reached this point in American history.