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By: Lance Woodworth 

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"
(Saying by: Walt Disney and used by the late Dr. Robert Schuller, Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral, "Hour of Power".)

   Do you know that no matter what age you are at that the part of your brain that controls "what you think and do" influences where you are in life, regardless of your age! So a "dream" can also propel and motivate you to action regarding the level of success you want for your family, spiritually, professionally, socially, and financially.   
    The area that occupies more dream time and awake time "thinking" usually relates to the highest priority in your life at the time. For many people in these our thinking is dominated by what is impacting our personal economic condition. This is stressed further by the numerous events CV-19, protests, political confusion, and misinformation permeating every part of our lives. This is our finances, our economic stability, and our sustainability that prevail in our thinking. It is not because you do or don't already have your dream car,r dream home, or the cash to buy the clothes you want, but because you experience a sense of "freedom and fear".
This is because these thought come from knowing you are in a position to determine your level of life style spending, what you will do with your time, that will affect the rest of your life. At times you may be afraid of what a dream represents. It may seem that you could never accomplish it, yet maybe this is why God gave you the dream in the first place. It was to motivate you "psychologically and emotionally" to take hold of what you God given talents are and use them in your life by taking immediate action on that dream. Of course the action you take is up to you, don't forget this point! 
   Now how do you take action "right now" without sacrificing what you are doing today? What about the conditions you have presently that may not be conducive for taking action? Does this mean I quit my job, or make  sacrifice of something I don't want to give up? The answer is: "You don't take action until you plan what steps to take, share what you are doing with your family, and maybe even pray to God for guidance on what steps you do need to take." At the same time you may need to remind yourself of this basic principle: for every decision you make there is a positive and negative consequence for that decision. 
The critical principal to understand is that "all" decisions require sacrificing something to get another thing. If you want to eat ice cream you may be sacrificing good health and become overweight. If you want to smoke you may be shortening your life. If you want to work for someone else you make the sacrifice of not having the potential of possibly making an unlimited income. This should cause you to really contemplate what decisions are best for your life under the current circumstances.
   Sometimes doubt can lead to procrastination and keep you from making a decision for "fear" of the unknown. When this happens your fear has "psychologically paralyzed" you from taking action. This definition of "FEAR" will help you overcome it any time: Fear is nothing more than False Expectations Appearing Real. So remember that once you make a decision then go for it with  all your heart and all your soul and your dream will come true, in time! 
    By the way, don't think someone else will make the decision for you to start a business. You will have to be the one to make that decision. Plus, you will need a firm commitment from your spouse, or business partners, to make it happen. Last, keep in mind if you have a dream you will never know if you can succeed, no matter how big or small, if you never try, that is a guarantee! 
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