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My Story & Witness

    I was born in upstate New York and lived there until age six. then my dad was an engineer with Bendix Corporation and he was transferred to Detroit where we lived up to 1958. At that time he asked to Winter Park, Florida and open the sales-engineering office so he could begin calling on Cape Canaveral companies involved in the missile and rocket launch programs. These were companies like like Martin Marietta (now Lockheed-Martin) and the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. dad earned the distinct honor of being named the "Top Field Engineer" for the Bendix Connector Division, our second year in Florida.
    At age six I began playing hockey and Pop Warner football in Detroit. When we moved to Winter Park, Florida in 1958 I started playing baseball, basketball, track and football in junior high and high school. Sports taught me about the importance of competing and the importance of discipline. I attended four colleges to complete my undergraduate degree and worked thirty-five jobs to pay for my college education. Six months before graduating from the University of Tennessee my father died at age fifty two. From then on I missed having him around as a mentor and coach. He always cheered for me at Pop Warner football games, when I hit my first home run in Little League, as the pitcher with the most wins and home runs in Pony League, and at the Kumquat Bowl Championship game played in the Citrus Bowl for junior high. I played quarterback and we won. 
    My day, in my opinion, was very smart and a good father except when he drank. I loved him but I did not understand what a "professional drinker" he was and how it affected his job, my mom and his relationship with my brother and sister. At age seventeen my brother dropped out of school joined the Air Force and retired from it twenty years later, so I rarely saw him. My sister married early, divorced and remarried the same man and stayed married until he passed away in 2015. 
    High school was when our family "dis-functionality" really showed up. I got hurt my senior year as quarterback of the Winter Park High School football team, touted to be state champions that year. When I got hurt my dad's drinking increased and it may have  been because I was unable to play my senior year and lost any chance for a football scholarship. Then two years before graduation from the University of Tennessee my parents divorced after twenty seven years of marriage and right after that my dad was fired from Bendix because of his drinking. he had been with them 19 years and since he was fired he lost his pension he was vested in ten years earlier.
    My dad was "entrepreneur driven" and immediately started a business designing and manufacturing his own line of cable connectors. To help him he  hired a WWII Veteran to run manufacturing. This man had lost both legs in the war and walked with prosthetic legs. I remember him and his four year old daughter who was born with an appendage growth on her left leg, but her dad loved her very much. the reason I mention this is because it really touched my heart because dad was so willing to help someone with obvious challenges, so I respected my dad for this. This father of a beautiful little girl was what helped me learn that it's not the "person in the fight" but "the fight in the person" that matters, and this man was a fighter! 
    My mother was always loving and the spiritual leader in our family. She taught me to pray and forgive myself and others. Because of her I have always worked on strengthening my relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ and seeking forgiveness and mercy for my sins. 
    Upon graduating from the UT the Vietnam War was raging and I knew I was going to be drafted so I applied and was accepted into the U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School and military flight training programs and was accepted. I received my officer's commission but during flight training all future pilots, which I was, were informed that the U.S. may pull out of Vietnam. If this occurred we could request an early out with an Honorable Discharge. So, I did and moved to California where I lived two years. This is when I decided to join the U.S Peace Corps and was assigned to Ethiopia, East Africa and served from 1973-75. While there I was sick with amoebic dysentery many times, typhoid fever, a kidney stone, broke my ankle in a motorcycle accident and survived a severe case of malaria. 
  Upon returning to the U.S in 1975 I attended Florida Technological University (now the University of Central Florida) and graduated with an M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology and minor in math. From there I went to work for The Palms Counseling Center as a counselor and manager in charge of opening five centers in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After accomplishing this I left to open the Counseling & Personal Growth Center, Orlando. I started, funded and ran it five years as a private practice clinic and later opened a second office in Kissimmee, Florida.
    After seven years I was "burned out" and decided to shift my focus and started a training company that hired "experts" to do seminars all over the state. That company named ITD which I had started would up being taken from me by two partners who behind my back voted me out of the company. However , since they we had investment fo 450K from a few investors I spent two years chasing down these guys and was able to recover legally $20K of the money that they had taken. That led to my starting, funding and running with me as President and majority stock holder launching the Business Development Center, Inc. in Orlando in 1984. The BDC offered the same that I am promoting with The BOSS
    During this time my consulting helped me realize that I needed a business financing mentor. As God would make it while reading the June 1984 issue of Success Magazine, with Diane Sawyer on the cover, the article "Mr. Write - Jim Howard" caught my attention. James "Jim" Howard, was a Harvard graduate and owned Symbax Business Services, New York City at the time. Previously he had owned the sixth largest public relations-finance firm in America that handled the successful "Nixon for President" election campaign. However, Jim's core expertise was business valuations and how to raise funding for small businesses. He had also developed a valuation procedure that let his previous business brokerage company conclude the purchase and sale of two hundred small businesses using his valuation formula combined with strategic marketing. 
   In 1985 I was able to contact Jim and he agreed to mentor me but there was one major requirement. He told me I had to pay him $25,000 in advance for one week of training at his office at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Since, I did not have the money my desire required that I learn quickly how to write a business plan and then find the money. Not knowing I ask one of my consulting clients to invest $50,000, and he did. Six months later I raised $1.2M, with Jim's guidance, for a military simulation startup. From that time forward Jim always invited me to the Harvard Club for mentoring sessions when I was in New York. His was a priceless relationship that I cherished until he passed away in 1999. Jim's influence played a key part in my thoughts and ideas for The BOSS™ program which I am constantly working! 
    My business and personal experience includes the pain of being forced out of two companies and two divorces I did not want. These turned my life upside down. The first was when I was CEo and minority stock holder of a computer software development company. This was when my brother who was working as a consultant in Jakarta, Indonesia invited me to visit him there. Six months later i returned and stayed six years which is how I met my second wife, a beautiful Indonesian who I was married to for nineteen years and is the mother of our beautiful daughter, who we both love dearly.
    The first job I had in Indonesia was MBA Director at I.E.U. Institute of Management, Jakarta. It was then a "Top Ten" Southeast Asian MBA university according to awards and SWA Magazine. The owners are Abdul Gafur, former Minister of Sports and Governor of Maluku, and his wife Dr. Kemala Motik,  Founder & President who was from one of the wealthiest families in Indonesia.
  In my second year I left the university and bought a consulting company, P.T. Cosmorindo Megah, a consulting and import/export company. I ran it withe the help of my wife for six years. Then in 1996 I negotiated a multi-million dollar pro-basketball deal which stipulated that I would raise $5 Million (US) in funding, develop a marketing plan, and secure pro-basketball support from the U.S.. My partners were KOBATMA, the Indonesian pro basketball league, and PERBASI, the pro basketball association. Our partner was the Minister of Communication who was also Chairman of Basketball in Indonesia. After eighteen months, ten round trips to the U.S. and securing $300,000 development funding in Orlando, the deal came together in October 1997. However, on November 1, 1997 President Soeharto appeared on Indonesian national television and announced that Indonesia's economy was in a tail spin and the very next day twenty nine major banks would be closed and all banks would freeze assets. This was caused by what was termed the "Asian Economic Flu." It was the devaluation of five Southeast Asian country currencies. On January 18, 1998 my wife, who was seven and one half months pregnant with our daughter, and I were forced to leave everything and under extreme duress return to Orlando with barely enough money to rent an extended stay living apartment.
    I started working on The BOSS concept in 1998 and in 2001 began putting the vision together. From January to March 2003 and August to October 2006 I hosted a self-funded business talk radio show in Orlando named The BOSS. From 2002-2004 I toyed with ideas about the method and platform to use to deliver The BOSS and in 2005 finally secured the domain name. I then started developing the website and initial business plan. In 2007-2008 new developments called for a change in the original website appearance as I realized I needed to focus more on using the new platforms available to deliver The BOSS™ products and services.
   In 2008 after eight emergency trips to the hospital for a stomach problem my wife insisted I get a job and not do consulting anymore. In 2009 I was hired as a sales rep with Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc., the top vacation ownership company in the world. I worked at their "Crown Jewel" location across from the Waldorf Astoria and largest Hilton Hotel project in the world at Bonnet creek inside the gates of Walt Disney World. While there I became a top sales executive selling $6.7 million in 6.5 years and was awarded Presidents Club trips and many other awards. 
    In 2014, I was rocked by my wife of nineteen years, and being with me twenty four years, when she ask for a divorce. At that time my daughter was sixteen. It hurt my daughter and me very much as i did not want it. The next four years were trying in many ways. In the mean time my daughter has become one of the lead singers at her church that sees 2-3,000 attendees per week, she is a leader at the church, works full time and is about to re-start her college education. Most of all she loves her mom and has forgiven her and me for any of my wrong doings. Most of all she loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart.

  I hope my witness  has inspired you to "take action" and to go ahead and Start, Fund and Run your own business, and believe that:

"What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve, with the help of GOD"

and of course with
The BOSS™!

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