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OPTION 1:  1-Hour
Discovery and Direction
Time: Call to schedule anytime Monday-Saturday 9:00AM-8:00PM 
Purpose: Is your heart aching because God gave you talents you can't use at your job? Are you unsure how to use your talents without giving up your job? Do you want to be happier, free of stress, depression, resentment, anxiety and worry without taking a single pill? If so, then why not expose, examine and utilize your talents in a business of your own? Once you purchase this Option you come to the Center or we meet for a coke or coffee and help you determine what to do. Call the Center at 407-353-1518 to arrange the time and place. (Note: For safety all meet-ups are in public locations, i.e. restaurant, your office, hotel lobby, library or a coffee shop. You pick the location!)

OPTION 2:   3-Hours
Discovery, Identify and General Evaluation
Time: Call to schedule anytime Monday-Saturday 9:00AM-8:00PM 
Purpose: This targets one specific area of concern regarding your business operations, financing, marketing, etc.. A follow up consultation may be necessary and would require added investment. However, this can only be determined from discussion and evaluation of the situation your are concerned about when you purchase this option. From this The BOSS™ will make a recommendation based on the information and level of desire you have to meet your business goals. It will be up to "you" to decide to pursue what is recommended!

OPTION 3:  7-Hours
Discovery, Identification, General Evaluation, and Specific Action Steps
Time: Call to schedule anytime Monday-Saturday 9:00AM-8:00PM 
Purpose: This targets multiple areas of your business that you need help with through discussion of all areas of the business. Once a thorough understanding of the problem and/or situation is determined the final segment of the session focuses on the action steps to be taken to overcome and/or deal with the areas addressed. A follow-up consultation may be needed and you will make that decision how and when if you want to proceed.

OPTION 4:  3-Days @ 7-Hours / Day (21 Hrs)
Day 1 In-depth Discovery, Day 2 Evaluating Info & Data, Day 3 Summary Action Plan & Goals 
Time: Call to schedule anytime Monday-Saturday 9:00AM-8:00PM 
Purpose: This targets multiple areas of concern and involves developing a plan-of-action needed to correct the problems or issues. Execution steps are then developed over the three days by the Consultant and you and/or your team. Next is self-follow-up to see that the plan-of-action was implemented and validation must occur to see that the steps taken corrected the problems and issues. If there is a need for on-going consultation it will be discussed at the conclusion of this engagement.

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