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"Businesses that fail to plan are planning to fail!"
   When you check in at the airline counter do you have a plan for your trip? Yes, of course you do. Then it must be far more important to develop the plan for a lifetime of fun operating your own business and living out your dream, don't you agree? For each of us no matter who we are it starts with a "seed of inspiration" that becomes an idea, that becomes a dream, that translates into a written business plan, that is funded, and is "Your" business. 
​   The planning of your business is an important foundation. It will positively impact every aspect of the steps you take to start your business if the planning is done consistentlyreviewed regularly and adjusted for changes as needed. The planning you do will serve as the guide to grow your business. Without a plan you will be operating from the "seat of your pants" the majority of time. This leaves you feeling like you have gotten no where and that you are not in control, and you are not!
   The Business Plan gives you confidence in what you are attempting, it serves as a tool to get others to agree with you plan and it will focus on your goals established in the plan.Most people plan their vacations, plan a party, plan a trip, plan a wedding, and make plans for a funeral. Yet, they fail to plan the most important component of their life - the business they want to start or already have going, and that is their life and their future

    You have four options when it comes to structuring your business so that it will meet your needs and they are:
        Proprietor - Single Owner (not incorporated)
        * C-Corporation
        * S-Corporation
        * LLC - Limited Liability Company 
        * PMA - Private Membership Association
and two basic "tax" status considerations, which are: 
        * for profit
        * non-profit 

    What form of structure you choose will be determined by many things and they should be discussed prior to ever meeting with attorney or CPA. For example:
  • What is your income tax status and how does owning a business affect you and your spouse, or your family?
  • What protection do you want from being sued?
  • What is your strategy for exiting the business eventually, i.e. turn it over to your children, go public, sell or merge with another company? 
  • ​What is my purpose for starting the business is it for ego, money, stability, profit?

  This key areas of business are tempered by the attitudes, energy and discipline of the people starting, running or managing it. As an Entrepreneur you will have to develop good management techniques that are appropriate for your type of business. If you don't know what those techniques are or if you have little experience in work history as a "titled" manager don't worry about it. Why? Because you were probably using your own management skills to handle whatever job you had. As "the owner" of you own business you will do fine by trusting your instinct and the desire you have to make the business work. That should be all you need for awhile to get you going. 
    If you are planning on having only a part timehome based or small family owned business then you will develop your own management style simple out of the need to handle business. If you decide to grow your business you can then recruit people that have the experience in management that comes from the challenges related to your kind of business at the level you are and how you want to grow.
  The most important thing you must remember when you are making a management decision is: whatever decision you make its OK, no worries. This means that while you may make some mistakes with one decision you will always have the chance to correct that mistake with another decision as you go. You should also remember that any "major" decisions will probably yield better results if you are receiving input from people who you trust and who understand your business. These people do not have to be a part of your business and may be a family member, good friend, a respected business associate, or the pastor from your church. 
   Don't forget you have to be very careful to always listen to customers and sales personal. Their feedback will give you critical information to help you improve the operations of your business that might be just enough to make your business and profits grow significantly. 
  To help maximize your talents and abilities as a new business owner and manager The BOSS provides the knowledge and information to make your management job easier. This will help you improve the effectiveness of your management decisions and efficiency of your business operations, so it will produce the profits you desire. 

    How well you business operates is directly related to how well you operate your business. If your business is good at getting customers but poor at keeping them then you have a weakness in your operations. If your business is poor at getting customers and good at keeping them then you also have a weakness in your operations. How you define your business operations will be based on many variables but striving for efficiency at what you do and having effective solutions to operation problems will keep you growing. 
    Regardless of whether your business is a startup or on-going business you need to know the key aspects of your business operations and how they blend with the employees. Therefore, you should regularly take the time to think through your business process from A-Z. Examine the detail of what is required for your business to operate from the beginning to end of each day, from the beginning to end of each week, from the beginning to end of each month, and from the beginning to end of the year. This process will boost your level of confidence and will give you more control. It may seem like a tedious process but the analysis will allow you to immediately see where you might have problems. so then you can prepare to sole them. You will also identify the "competitive advantages" your business has and how you can leverage them to your advantage. 
    Also, regular management reviews should be done to ensure that any changing market conditions are met with adjustments in your operations to accommodate the changes. Staying flexible yet maintaining discipline and continuity will be a key to staying ahead of the competition, maintaining growth in your business and keeping your employees happy.

"Things Go Better With ______." (?)
    If you can guess the last word in this ad slogan, which is one of the most famous ads ever run, you will win a trip to "Planet Mars" or a 3-Day stay on the backside of the Moon. (The answer is "ekoc.") 
    Does this sound like some crazy marketing gimmick? Yes, you are right it is. Certainly the first thing you want to do with whatever method you use to market your business to the world is to takeout the "gimmicks" because people are usually smarter than that.
    Marketing for any business is dependent on many variables. These include the amount of money you want to spend on marketing, the type of customer you want to attract, the long term residual or repeat business you want, the price you feel is right for your product or service and the profit you need to make so that it is worthwhile to be in business in the first place.
    One good method that you can use to market your business is by "trailing" a business that is related to your type of business. For example: If you want to have 200 new customers eat at your restaurant in the next 30-days then maybe you can work out a deal with a business complex of offices near you that gives their employees a special discount for coming to your restaurant.  
    To help maximize your talents and abilities as a business owner and manager The BOSS™ provides the knowledge, information and help you need to develop the skills it takes to effectively and efficiently manage your company and produce the "profits" you desire. 

Concerning money: "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash" 
    Could it be that the single most important thing in starting any business is the funding behind that business? Maybe and maybe not. It is really relative to how you choose or are forced to choose, how to start your business. The method or methods you use to fund your business are up to you. Some of the options are:

   1. Self Funding - You provide the money from savings, a mortgage ,CC, etc. 
   2. Equity Investment - You offer ownership of stock for the money you need.
   3. Loans - You borrow the money from the bank, or a third party.
   4. Convertible Loans - You borrow money and agree to convert it to stock.
   5. Contract Signing - You get a contract signed for your product or service and then get funding for it from the bank or a private investor person or entity.

    To help you The BOSS™ has available right now "Funding Your Start-Up!". A 20-Page Guide that provides the information and steps you need to take to raise the money to start your business or grow it. It does "Not Guarantee" that you will be successful at raising the money because that depends on you and many things that are impossible to control. It does explain all the steps necessary to raise money for a new business or on going business. It definitely increases your chances for success at raising funds. It also provides information that could take you years to discover, or that you may never discover or learn because you were never in a funding position that would let you learn it, or because you did not know how to get the information.

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     Hello, I am Lance Woodworth Founder, Creator of The BOSS™ (Business Ownership Success Services, Inc.), and Entrepreneur. It is a culmination of my formal education; experience as a counseling psychologist; director of an international MBA program; forty years of consulting with small businesses and their founders; starting and running a number of small businesses of mine; raising millions for my businesses and other entrepreneurs; and conducting business training seminars for hundreds of small business employees, managers and owners, as well as for schools, colleges and other non-profit entities.
    I believe God has directed my path to this point in my life to start The BOSS™ by helping me assimilate my real world credentials, knowledge, and experience together with my faith in God and love of Jesus Christ, to make this happen!
    The BOSS™ can empathize with your dream and desire to start your own business, and help you build it until it is profitable, and help you become the "boss" of your own business.
    Research and history reveal that by being "the boss" of your own business puts you in control of your destiny and frees you from the restraints the "world of work" has on you. It also requires that for you to become "the boss" you will need to make a firm commitment, have faith and belief in yourself, and combine this with an idea that will "fill a need with a product or service that benefits others".
   If you are a first time visitor to The BOSS™ and want to open your own business The BOSS™ can help you. There is plenty of information here that will motivate, inspire, and help you learn and understand what is needed to become an Entrepreneur. If you have already decided to commit then you have plenty of options you can select that will get you the help you need from The BOSS™. Plus, The BOSS™ offers business consulting for anyone who is not sure if they want to start, fund and run a business or also help if you are an existing business owner that wants to growing it to the next level.
   If you have never had a business or want to start another one there is plenty of opportunity for you to learn from The BOSS™. Do this by choosing to have a Consulting Session, purchase one of the 38-MOD's, attend a Mod-Seminar at the center, or get individual-private mentoring that is offered on any business. 
   The BOSS™ will provide the answers and solutions you need to get your business going and/or growing!
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