Funding Your Start-Up!
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    The FYSU is a 20-page guide for would-be Entrepreneurs and existing business owner's, who need to raise $10,000, $30,000$50,000 or more, and do it within 60-days. 

   Raising money from other people to fund your business is exciting and scary for any entrepreneur or existing business owner if they have never done it before. This is because it can seem like your looking for a needle in the hay stack. Yet, at other times, the money just seems to be glaring right at you. So, when you ask people to invest in your business without knowing for sure that you can meet your business goals, it's risky, and scary. After all, you need to be confident you can pay it back and hopefully with a return on the investment, right? 

    Raising money is stressful, can be frightening, and may create undue pressure if you are not sure what to do or how to go about it. Even if you have raised money before it can be a daunting and stressful task. In order to reduce the stress you must be confident that your business plan and projections will work and can make money by using the investor's money. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to pay it back or earn them a return. So, this is what "investment risk" means and the rule has always been when it comes to investing: the higher the risk the greater the reward. This is exactly why investors like to invest in Entrepreneurs and their business products and services.

    Using the FYSU Guide will help increase your chance for success by giving you:

    1) the know-how to raise money,
    2) the understanding to do it,
    3) the specific steps for posturing your investment correctly,
    4) the steps to leverage your status as a startup, development stage or going business,
    5) the confidence needed from knowing what to do, and
    6) the correct "frame of mind" to take action now!

Plus, with the FYSU Guide you also get:

"Psychology Of Business"

    This is a combination of business information such as marketing strategies, how to add new revenue streams, or unique ways to grow a business and includes the "how to's" of related aspects for funding a business. It is written with a focus on the "psychology of business" which is vital to any business anytime! So, mind over matter, does matter?

    The newsletter gives you information that you may not normally be getting regarding owner motivation and feelings you will have from the many "hats" you will wear to Start, Fund and Run you own small business. It will also help you deal with key issues impacting your business from personnel scheduling, conflicts between you and your spouse caused by the business, to employee concerns. Plus, it will illustrate ways to deal with your kids in terms of the impact the business will have on your family's life style that you may never have imagined when you started the business. 

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Funding Your Start-Up!
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