Why Choose Membership?

By getting The BOSS™ Membership you are making a commitment to "Yourself". You have decided to "finally" focus on what you have wanted to do and, have the talent to do. You believe you can do it therefore go launch the business you have always dreamed of starting! 

First, "YOUR" commitment is:
1) to get plugged in,
2) to work on your business plan,
3) to figure out how to overcome obstacles to the plan,
4) to get the funding you need for the business, and
5) to turn your dream into a reality by launching it within 60-Days.

Second, "YOU" will get discounts on all products and services, including:
1) one-on-one consulting, 
2) purchasing any of the 38-MODS online or at a Center,
3) the weekly seminar's covering the 38-MODS, and
4) any Special Entrepreneur Events.

These are all part of the benefits of The BOSS™ Membership, plus having access to all of  The BOSS™ Centers or go online.

The BOSS™ Membership means you will be shown the steps you need to take to launch your business in just 60-Days. The step-by-step process builds your confidence as you become an Entrepreneur. It also means you are not alone and will have other Entrepreneur members just like you and The BOSS™, there to help you succeed. 

Keep in mind, from a practical point of view, you wanted to own your home and car, so now is the perfect time to Start, Fund and Run your own business! Therefore, by choosing The BOSS™ Membership you will save thousands of dollars and get benefits non-members don't.

The BOSS™ Membership is: 
1) the most cost effective way to get help from The BOSS™ starting your business,
2) good for establishing a long term support relationship, 
3) equal to or less than:
  • the cost of tuition and books for one or two college courses,
  • the cost of a tuition and books for a one technical training course,
  • the cost of one night out for special celebration dinner for four,
  • the cost of three months of pest control service,
  • the cost of three months of lawn service,
  • the cost of admission, snacks and parking for any pro-sports game,
  • the cost of admission for two at Disney World or EPCOT,
  • the cost of admission and snacks for two at the opera or to see a play,
  • the cost of admission and snacks for four at the Zoo, and
  • the cost of greens fees and club rental for a day of golf for two.

Below are the benefits of the "SILVER Membership" and "GOLD Membership."

Business Ownership Success Services, Inc.
"In GOD We Trust"
Founder & President
Lance Woodworth
1. Discounts that saves you more than $1,000 when  buying the MODs, Seminars and Special Events. 
2. Access to all of The BOSS™ Center's.
3. Priority seating at Special Events.

One Year $149.98
1. The same as One Year Membership saving you more than $2,000 for MOD's, seminars, special events and for Mentoring and Consulting.
2. The opportunity to invest in The BOSS™ Center's.
4. Discounts ads on The BOSS™ Business Talk Radio Show when it starts.
5. Priority seating at Special Events and MOD seminars.
Two Years $199.98
Coming 2024
Mentoring Online
The BOSS will answer any questions about your business and its operations!

The BOSS™ DOES NOT provide answers to Legal, Accounting or Federal, State, Local or IRS Tax questions, tax questions in general, Stock Pricing or Ratio Analysis. The BOSS™ DOES NOT GUARANTEE that using the information at this website will be of value to you, will  help you become successful in starting or operating a small business, or in raising money for your business. The BOSS™ website is an information dissemination site designed and offered solely for the purpose of helping anyone that wants to become an Entrepreneur do so and to help them build a small business. The BOSS™ will provide timely and reasonable response to your questions and inquiries sent by email and will do everything possible to provide high quality service to all of The BOSS™ website Users. The BOSS™ CAN NOT, WILL NOT AND DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT USING THE INFORMATION DERIVED FROM THE MATERIAL PURCHASED AT THIS WEBSITE WILL BE OF ANY VALUE WHATSOEVER TO YOU.

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More benefits as a member!
* First 200 members get $100 off the membership fee for Two Years, save $200
* Get Funding Your Start-Up! Guide and BizTips Update Com" six months.
* Business questions answered by email for three months.  
* Purchase The BOSS 38 Mods covering key business areas at 50% off.  
* Get a 1-Hour telephone consulting call with The BOSS.
* Attend The BOSS seminars during the year for 50% Off the admission price.
*Joining is the same cost of tuition and books for a college course, a dinner for four,
a few visits to your favorite coffee shop, four cartons of cigarettes, 3:12-packs
of beer, or a one day ticket to Disney World, Sea World or EPCOT!