Being the Owner
"the" BOSS!
"So, you wanna be the boss!" 

So, what does it take to become, your own boss?  
If you want to be truly free, if you want to be really in control of your time, if you want to really control when
you will get a raise and make more money, if you want to help others, if you want to give back something,
if you want to test your idea, if you want to join over 30-million small businesses then become an
 Entrepreneur and go StartFund and Run your own business. That's how you do it!

So, what's it like to own your own business? 
In one moment you are dressing up to go to a meeting, in the next moment you are talking to a potential customer, in the next moment you are figuring out how to meet payroll, in the next moment you are buying the raw material or supplies to meet the production schedule, in the next moment you are meeting with your attorney, in the next moment you are figuring out how to price things, in the next moment you are talking to a loved family member to let them know you may be home late for dinner, in the next moment you are depositing more than you ever imagined at the bank, in the next moment you are falling into bed exhausted from a day filled with exciting and challenging things you handled, for your business not someone else's!
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"In GOD We Trust"
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Lance Woodworth
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Typical Characteristics of Entrepreneurs
Knowing - You can do more with your life!
Self-starter - You don't wait for someone to tell you to start!
Motivated - You will do it because you have a desire to do it!
Diligent - You are consistent with a purpose!
Energized - Your the Energizer Bunny! You keep going-n-going! 
Thoughtful - You think through personal and business issues!
Analytical - You look at many angles to make something work!
Persistent - You don't quit just because you reach an obstacle!
Persevere - You take the knocks as they come to reach the target!
Controlling - You are in control and make things happen!
Sensitive - You understand employees and customers!