RE: 2020 Business & Personal Income Tax Filing Extended
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         Dear Entrepreneurs and Private Individuals:

        Yes, Year 2020 is over! I hope your business and, you and your family made it through in good
health. CV-19 has impacted business and personal year end tax and financial statements that need
 to be prepared for filing your tax returns according to the "adjusted" IRS timeline. As a
professional accounting and tax preparation specialist and "IRS Enrolled Agent", my experience in
personal, business and income tax accounting allows me to help you, now! It can be frustrating when working with receipts, bank statements, W-2's and other forms you have to organize, then figure out how to report, for your 2020 taxes. I can help you by providing the services you need that will give you relief from this pressure and frustration. 
      If you are an active State of Florida Corporation, Self-proprietorship or Non-profit status, or need "Personal" tax returns done then please call me. My services include but are not limited to: Business P&L Statements, Federal & State Business and Personal tax returns, International business, and helping set up an "Electronic Federal Tax Payment Accounts Program" for a service fee. I am here to help simplify things regarding your taxes and give you advice. 
       I also consult cooperatively with Lance Woodworth, The BOSS™​, President, who is an experienced consultant specializing in Entrepreneurship by helping you StartFund and Run your own business, or to advise you on how to grow your existing businesses. Therefore, if you wish to expand your investment portfolio in 2021, I can help you. 
    We are both registered Florida Real Estate Agents, and I also do mortgages. So, we are able to create with tax considerations, a plan to meet your business and personal tax needs. Don't wait until the IRS starts charging interest and penalties, simply call for a phone appointment or email me to set up an appointment any time. 

       "Lost time could be lost money, when it comes to business! I look forward to meeting you. Thank you, Yan!"


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2017年已走完。我希望您这过去一年的业务有很好成积 。现在也是时候准备您的业务年终财务报告,及申报您的公司税到国税局。
与此同时,这一年所有收据和银行对账单是否令你十分沮丧呢?对于日常业务繁琐的你, 要把一年以内所有的收入和费用归纳一起有点力不从心呢?请不用担心,我们能为你提供協助。
我们是具有丰富商业簿记和报税经验 ,领有牌照并通过合格的国税局考试的专业税务师和会计师。您的业务将受益于我们有效和及时的服务。我们现正向所有中央佛罗里达州合资格的佛罗里达州注册公司客户提供 2016 业务利润报表、 联邦/州商业税报税表和电子联邦税支付帐户免费设置。您的业务所需要的,我们都能帮忙 。
今天就马上行动,请电 716-335-4927 安排免费初次会谈或电邮到[email protected] 。不要等待直到国税局向你的公司罚款。我们在这提供協助!



​        Kayan "Yan" Chow
     Accounting, Finance & Bus.

    Yan, is the founder and the
owner of Kayan Interpreting
N Consulting Services Corp.
She entered into an agreement
to provide accounting, tax and
finance services to The BOSS™​ 
Entrepreneurs. This includes P&L, bookkeeping, taxes, non-profit organization start-ups, audit representation and business consulting.
  Born in Hong Kong, Yan speaks Mandarin and Cantonese. She attended college there and then moved to the United States to attend the University at Buffalo, New York. After graduating she moved to Florida and worked a year for Walt Disney World in merchandising. She then became an account executive with a printing business followed by two and a half years with a tax and insurance business. In 2013 she became an Entrepreneur and opened her accounting, tax, consulting and interpreting business. In 2014 she became qualified as a IRS Enrolled AgentThis allows Yan to represent U.S. and International clients before the U.S. IRS. 
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Lance Woodworth

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Kayan "Yan" Chow
(Speaks English and Chinese Mandarin & Cantonese)