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This seminar is for "anyone" who wants to:
 Start, Fund and Run your own business and provide Jobs to others. All while living the American Dream!
If this is "YOU" then don't miss it! 
 "Dream Seminar"
"Start, Fund and Run"

  ...your own business, and create new Jobs!

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"If you want to find out how to Start, Fund and Run your own business, and your answer is "Yes" to any of these questions, then register for this seminar immediately!

1. Do you want to be your own boss but you can't figure out how to start a small business?
2. Do you want to control your income and make more money based on your performance?
3. Do you want to take control of your time, and your life?
4. Do you have questions about how to Start, Fund and Run a small business."?
5. Do you want a new car but can't afford it because your raise has been canceled?
6. Do you want a new home but you can't afford it and don't know when you can?
7. Do your family and friends discourage you from starting your own business?
8. Do you "know" you are smarter than "your boss" and could run your department better?
9. Do you have a "business idea" that you have been burning to try for years?
10. Do you feel because you are a single mom or dad with kids its impossible to start a business?
12. Do you need a new job and soon as possible? 
13. Do you want to stop getting educated by the TV and news shows, so "You" can be free?
14. Do you "see an opportunity no one else sees" in your current employment or business market?
15. Do you lack the money to start a business?
16. Do you want to know how to raise $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 or more to start a business?
17. Do you "believe and have faith" in the abilities God has given you?
18. Do you suffer from a "lack of faith in your ability", so you did not start a business?
19. Do you feel "to old, to young or not experienced enough" to start a business.
20. Do you feel stuck in a rut in your job or in life in general?

Remember, if you answered "YES" to any "one" of the question above then you need to contact The BOSS™ and get "registered" for The BOSS™ Seminar. There is limited seating so follow up and attend this great event so you can learn  how to Start, Fund and Run your own business and why God has called you to do this!

Lance Woodworth is creator of The BOSS™ and will host this Seminar. He is an Entrepreneur, founder of seven small businesses (some worked some did not) and has been consultant to many small businesses over 40-years. Lance will show you how to Start, Fund and Run your own business, and answer your questions at this exciting seminar. He uses reality-experiential based information and shows you the steps to get it done; the how, why, when and where; and insight into the "psychology" of small business. Plus, he shows you how to get your business running in "60-days" of attending this seminar.  If you want to!  

So, to: 1) get rid of your fear about going into business, 2) take your first steps to start you business, 3) to save yourself thousands of dollars by eliminating costly start-up mistakes, 4) to get the information and knowledge you need, and 5) to gain the confidence you need to start a business, then come to this seminar. And remember:

and make your dream come true by getting
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Seminar Location
1904 W. Colonial Dr.
Suite A
 Orlando, FL 32804 
June 8, 2017 
Thursday Evening
6:45 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.
To Register
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 or Call:  407- 353 -1518
Note: Walk-in's are welcome. But, registration at the door is $59.95
Business Ownership Success Services, Inc.
"In GOD We Trust"

Founder & President
Lance Woodworth

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