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* Raise $10,000 to $50,000
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The BOSS™ Center's
The goal is to open the first Center in Central Florida, either in Lakeland or Winter Garden. The BOSS™ invites you to join in the greatest Entrepreneur surge in years and help "would-be" Entrepreneurs Start, Fund and Run their own business, and create thousands of new jobs. This will help:

  So, all you need to do is:

1) INVEST in the Center,
2) MENTOR Entrepreneurs,
3) OPERATE one Center, and
4) CONSULT at any Center.

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Telephone Consultation
with The BOSS 

* Get mentored by "Lance"
* Discuss anything about your business start-up or idea
* One Hour Saves Thousands 


The BOSS Center's

Year 1
​BC: 1-7
Year 2
BC: 8-105
Year 3
BC: 106-288
Year 4
BC: 289-406
Year 5
BC: 407-500
* * * GUARANTEE * * *
This is a business owner's challenge coming from Lance Woodworthowner and founder of The BOSS. He will show you how to "double" your business Gross Revenue, Sales, Profits or Net Profits within 60-Days! He will do this for any business! If he does not, then you will get 50% refunded, plus ten hours of "FREE" consulting!
Challenge Fee: $5,000

Why choose The BOSS™ Membership?

    Get "membership benefits" for a cost-value equal to:
      the cost of tuition and books for two college courses,
       the cost of one night out for formal dinner of four,
       the cost of a few visits to your favorite coffee shop,
       the cost of four or five cartons of cigarettes,
       the cost of  four or five 12-Packs of your favorite beer,
       the cost of three movies and snacks for three or four, or
       the cost of admission for one day at Disney World or EPCOT.
    So, why not go ahead and get "your  membership" right now! 
Business Ownership Success Services, Inc.
"In GOD We Trust"

Founder & President
Lance Woodworth
Two Year
Info Release: July 1, 2017
Soon you may be able to "watch" the pilot for 
The BOSS™ Reality TV Show. The synopsis was re-posted July 1, 2017 at the request of the producer contact, because it was reviewed by four movie/TV production companies a 2nd and 3rd time by Feb 2017. There are now twenty or more production companies that have private access to it. Hopefully, one will offer to air the pilot six episodes.

By Lance Woodworth  
Silver Membership
One Year

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The BOSS™ Center
Current & Recent Projects: 

* Shark Tank "Open Call" 
audition April 29, 2017 in
Charlotte, North Carolina.

* A mailbox, packaging and shipping store in business over 10-years wanting to grow (January 2017). Consulting on: Business Plan, income and cash flow projections, marketing, employee relations, customer servicing and effective managing.  

* Investors Welcomed!
New proposals pending for: sports business, radio business, TV Reality Show and Open of The BOSS Center.

Updates done weekly.

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